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Food Science and Technology Laboratories

The Department of Food Science and Technology has specialized laboratories dedicated to various aspects of food science. These laboratories serve as teaching and research laboratories and are at the heart of many research papers produced by the department. In addition to teaching and research, there are selected labs purposely for research and food product testing as our commitment to KNUST’s core value of Leading Innovation and Technology.


Our Laboratories

• Food Analysis Laboratory

• Food Microbiology and Fermentation Lab

• Mycotoxin Laboratory

• Food Processing Laboratories


Equipment and Services

We offer a range of testing services, including physicochemical, and microbiology tests on agriproduce, food, and cosmetic products.



Accreditation and Quality Assurance

We are actively preparing for accreditation to ISO 17025:2017 to ensure that our services meet international standards. Our staff is committed to providing food product testing services with the highest level of competence and impartiality.



Staff Expertise

Our team of competent staff members is well-qualified and experienced in the field. They are dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable results for all testing services.



UNIDO-WACOMP Partnership

We express our gratitude to UNIDO-WACOMP for their generous contribution and ongoing support. This partnership has significantly enhanced our capabilities and positioned us for excellence in food science research and testing.


Contact Information

For inquiries or services, please contact us at

News and Updates

Stay informed about the latest developments and achievements in our laboratories. Check back for news and updates on our website.