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MPhil. Food Science and Technology

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 06/06/2018 - 09:51

The program is designed primarily as training in advanced food research. The candidates learn the fundamentals of food research and acquire new techniques. Our graduates are expected to show excellent coherent analysis through critical thinking in the resolution of technical problems that confront the evolving society through new discoveries, or otherwise through the development of innovative ideas, theoretical refinements or constructive critiques and syntheses of existing knowledge.

For the MPhil. programme, it is highly desirable that a research proposal emerge as the result of a process of consultation between the candidate, supervisor and Industry where applicable. The end of the research should produce a statement: a publication, a conference presentation, a patent, a technology or some other results produced to standards and conventions as judged by national and international systems.

To further encourage learning approaches that deepen critical thinking and problem solving skills with the ultimate objective of making students have deeper understanding of the concepts and the principles of the Food and related Industry and thereby gaining mastery in academia and food related industry or research.

Our goal is to train postgraduates for Food industry and careers in Food Research and Academia.

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