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AG. HoD meets national service personnels in the Department

Fri 2 Feb 2024
AG. HoD meets national service personnels in the Department i

The meeting started with 20 NSS personnels in attendance. The acting Head of Department (Prof. Jacob Agbenorhevi) officially welcomed all National Service Personnels to the Department of Food Science and Technology while emphasising the relevance or teaching and research assistants (TA's) in the University. He encourage theTA's to put into practice the core values and morals of the university.


Prof. Agbenorhevi stated emphatically that being assigned to particular lecturer or lab must not restrict you from working for the department as a whole.

For punctuality and attendance, Prof. Agbenorhevi reminded the TA's that, the times noted in the attendance book at the time of arrival must in a chronological order. Nationals Service personnels are to make sure they sign out before the start of the next business day. He again said that, the office closes at 5:00 pm so no one should sign out after closing hours. Service Personnels are not supposed to sign out for a previous day because it is an offense.


The TA's also voiced out some concerns and challenges they have been facing since they started their national service to which, the acting HoD gave a listening ear.