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Association of Food Science and Technology Students' Week Celebration 2022

Tue 26 Jul 2022
Association of Food Science and Technology Students' Week Celebration 2022 i

The Association of Food Science and Technology Students (AFSTS) organized their annual week celebration from the 18th July to the 22nd July, 2022. The theme for this year’s AFSTS week was “Food Safety, A Collective Goal.”

Each day had its scope of activities that students gladly participated in. The various activities scheduled for the week celebration were done in a manner that did not hurt the academics of the students with the mid-semester exams which were fast approaching. The activities were planned in a way that students can go for their various lectures and still get some time for personal studies.

The Monday, which was the genesis of the AFSTS week celebration 2022 was named Official Wear Monday. Students went to their various classes wearing their office wear ranging from business professional attire to business casual outfits. There were photoshoot sessions around the Biology block and the Medical village at Boadi. Students were so excited to participate in this session as they proudly portrayed their attires in the business world and took pictures to have memories of the time spent together.

The Tuesday was “Rep Your Senior High School”. Students from the association came clothed with attires from their Alma maters proudly representing their schools. Others were clothed in souvenirs and anniversary cloths from their various schools. Some students also did an exchange of souvenirs from their various Alma maters with both friends and rivals from the senior high schools. There were photo shoots and video shoot sessions which helped students create wonderful memories with each other.

The Wednesday, which was the climax of the AFSTS week was titled "Outreach”. Some selected students who filled out forms as volunteers were mobilized to campus canteens and market centers. Some students went to Queen’s canteen, others to Unity Hall canteen. Students also went to College’s bush canteen to educate all food handlers on food safety and provide solutions to some challenges they were facing. Students who went to the Ayeduase market also engaged supermarket personnel, grocery sellers, and meat and fish handlers on food safety and hygienic ways to go about their activities. The challenges they faced were also listened to and as Food Scientists we were more than ready to assist them with innovative ideas. Some concepts discussed include food preservation, food handling, and ways to minimize food contamination. Supermarkets and shops which sell packaged food products were asked to regularly check for the expiry dates of products. Some students also held Placards with quotes on food at vantage points on the campus grounds educating the student populace on Food safety. All these were done to ensure that everyone plays their part in ensuring food safety. Some inscriptions on the placards include:

  • Everything in food is science. The only subjective part is when you eat it- Alton Brown.
  • Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food- Hippocrates
  • Let us take our choices of food seriously as it can also be a threat to our health.
  • Food Quality and Safety, Our Priority-AFSTS motto

Thursday, the activity for the day was “Rep your Sports Jersey”. Students wore the jerseys of their favorite teams from all over the world. There was also a photoshoot and video shoot session. Students also got to mingle and build networks with each other.

 The Friday was dubbed |"Afro Friday.” Students proudly represented various forms of the rich culture of Africa. There were bright, beautiful African fabrics all over. Some students also put on beaded accessories to represent the African culture. There were photoshoot sessions as well. Students also got to interact with each other and build networks.

The concluding event for the AFSTS week celebration was the Food Digest Show on Focus FM. The theme for the show was Food Safety, a collective effort. Its purpose was to embark on public education on food safety for the student populace. There was a discussion on ways to enhance food safety and all the activities that transpired during the week.  Indeed, with all these activities everyone knows that food safety is a collective effort and we all have our parts to play in achieving this goal.