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Association of Food Science and Technology Students' Week Celebration ‘21

Sat 23 Apr 2022
Association of Food Science and Technology Students' Week Celebration ‘21 i

In a post-covid era where it is very hard for student bodies to get their schemed programs approved by administrators, the Association of Food Science and Technology Students (AFSTS) successfully carried out AFSTS Week Celebration 2021 with no hindrances as all protocols were duly observed. The week celebration was done in a manner which did not alter the continuation of lectures, hence students’ academics wasn’t placed on the slaughterhouse of the AFSTS week celebration. The involvement of lecturers, executives, and the entire student membership was very impressive as compared to previous years and this is a sign of the growth within the AFSTS fraternity.

On Monday 7th June which was the beginning of AFSTS 21' week celebration, members of the association dressed officially. All students assembled at the biology block car pack for a photo shoot. The pictures were taken in year groups followed by ladies only, then gentlemen only, lastly group pictures with friends and pals. It was a blissful moment as we all encapsulated ourselves with the culture of keeping up with what it means to be official, a manner noted in status quo especially in business sectors.

Photoshoot session: Gentlemen only