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Complements of the season from the HOD

Thu 11 Jan 2024
Complements of the season from the HOD i

Thanks be unto our God for seeing us successfully through the 2022/2023 Academic Year, and graciously ushering us into 2023/2024 Academic Year. It is a privilege to be counted among the living and healthy in the year 2024. 

On behalf of the Departmental Board, I wish to thank all stakeholders who supported the Department in 2023, especially our sponsors: industrial, academic and non-academic collaborators, students, staffs and management

I look forward into the year 2024 positively, that together we will continue the good foundation already laid by our predecessors. The Year promises to be an exciting and impactful one, as the Department plans to celebrate its 20th anniversary since it became a fully-fledged department (after being nurtured by the department of biochemistry and biotechnology from 1993 to 2014). I encourage you to be fully involve, intentionally, to have the full feel of the FST family and what we can do as a team.

Afehyiapa to you all!