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FST Freshers Orientation 2024

Wed 24 Jan 2024
FST Freshers Orientation i

Department of Food Science and Technology organized an orientation for all undergraduate and postgraduate freshers to welcome them to the department and give brief guides about the relevance of the program its guidelines. The event was held on two different days but with the same agenda. 

The orientation started with an opening prayer after which an introduction of  the Head of Department (Professor Faustina Duffle Wireko-Manu) and all lecturers in the department were made by Prof. Jacob Agbenorhevi (Acting Head of Department). 


The former Head of Department welcomed all freshers to the department and how it is a privilege to be part of such a department while giving them career path advice.


After the introductions were made, Dr. Lutterodt introduced the freshers to what food science and technology as a program is and some of the courses they will be learning during the course of their study. He spoke about the various career prospects one can get as a food science and technology graduate.


Dr. Zaukuu who is the current exams officer and safety chairperson spoke about exam related affairs, how registration of courses can be done and what to do after registration and he emphasized on the required grades needed to graduate. On the matter of safety, freshers were informed about basic safety rules to follow on and off campus.


The former Vice-Chancellor and Senior Member of the Department Professor Ellis Otoo William also, Prof Ellis encourage the undergraduate students about the value and importance of Food Science in comparison with other courses. He admonished them to put their best in it and should not be reluctant because they did not get their desired course and above all to include God. 



Prof. Mrs. Ibok Oduro (A former Provost of the College and Senior Member of the Department), gave a speech which outlined the essential values and concepts required for postgraduate study. She elaborates on the importance of keeping records of all journal you publish to keep track of all document, proper communicating in the field of food science and in other related activities, student should establish relationship with people in area of research both at the local and international level, this will help establish good relationships in the field of study and other activities related to the field of study.


A presentation on time management and discipline was delivered by Dr. Owusu Mensah. He spoke about the best ways to manage time as a student and how to set your priorities. He explained how discipline can help them as they are starting their academic life and what must be done.


Other lecturers in the department gave presentations on various things and gave some word of advice to freshers. At the end of all the presentations, the freshers were given the opportunity to ask questions and find out more on things of interest to them. The orientation ended with a refreshment for those in attendance and a closing prayer.


The program for the orientation was coordinated by Ms. Pearl Agyekum for the postgraduate orientation and Bernard Opoku Baah for the undergraduate session.