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Introducing Ms. Abigail Yeboah, an exceptional alumna of FST-KNUST

Mon 26 Jun 2023
Introducing Ms. Abigail Yeboah, an exceptional alumna of FST-KNUST i

Introducing Mrs. Abigail Yeboah, an exceptional alumna of the Department of Food Science and Technology, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) who has embarked on a remarkable journey of success and creativity. With her unwavering dedication to the culinary arts and her keen business acumen, Abigail has carved a path of excellence since completing her studies in 2019.

During her time at KNUST, Abigail's passion for food and her artistic skills flourished. As a trainer and co-organizer for the esteemed Artisanal Chocolate Making Training Course in the food science department, she discovered her true calling. This experience ignited her entrepreneurial spirit and laid the foundation for her future ventures.

Even while pursuing her studies, Abigail launched a phenomenal bakery business that quickly gained recognition. Specializing in cake making and pastries, her talent and commitment to perfection shone through. Today, her bakery business caters to the people of Accra and Kumasi, providing exceptional services for weddings, birthdays, and various events.

In addition to her bakery business, Abigail ventured into the world of packaging, showcasing her flair for aesthetics and attention to detail. With an artistic touch, she expertly wraps gifts for couples and various events, creating visually stunning and personalized presentations. Her packaging business has become highly sought-after, reflecting her dedication to delivering memorable experiences (IG: @umber_wrap).

Furthermore, Abigail is currently one of the four pioneers of a food processing startup, Bryta Foods, founded in 2022. In this venture, she plays a pivotal role as the food safety and regulatory affairs specialist, contributing her expertise to ensure quality and compliance. This latest endeavor showcases Abigail's relentless pursuit of innovation and her commitment to shaping the future of the food industry.