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Welcome message from the HOD to all FRESHERS!

Thu 11 Jan 2024
Welcome message from the HOD to all FRESHERS! i

On behalf of the Staff, students and stakeholders, I welcome all FRESHMEN to the Department of Food Science and Technology (FST). You have chosen the best University, globally known for the provision of Quality Education (SDG 4) and the right program of study. Our Department is one of the most proactive and engaging departments in the Faculty of Biosciences, within the College of Science. The 2023/2024 Academic Year promises to be an exciting and impactful one, as the Department plans to celebrate its 10th anniversary since it became a fully-fledged department (after being nurtured by the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology from 1993 to 2014). All hands and minds will, and must be on deck to celebrate our 20th anniversary in style and make it memorable to have the full feel of the FST family, I encourage full participation and involvement of everyone.