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Opportunities and Resources

Student Opportunities

Students have a lot of opportunities to engage themselves in; internship opportunities, TRATECH, product development, seminars, etc

Research: Research within the program builds up ingenuity, enhances creativity, inspires critical thinking and builds up skills within student to be able to solve problems in the food industries and beyond, as well as preparing student for graduate school.

The Teaching Experience: Students are able to develop leadership and presentation skills, as well as being able to take initiatives and work in a group.

Product Development Class: The Product development class in the second semester of the fourth year offers students the opportunity to grow and hone their product development skills. Seminars are held for students to exhibit their products in the presence of faculty members, students and interested persons.

Undergraduate Project Seminars: Seminars are organized for all final year students to present their project works; synopsis in the first semester and results from their work in the second semester.

Trade and Technology Fairs: The department takes part in the Trade and Technology Fair (TRATECH) periodically organized by the University. Students represent the department, exhibiting new and existing products while having the opportunity to interact with other exhibitors and the general public. This offers students the opportunity to build up their product development skills and teamwork.

Student Internship programmes: Students embark on an internship programme in the second semester of their 3rd year in the programme. They spend all the semester in the Food Research Institute, Accra and other food industries/companies.

Career opportunities: Research and Development, Product development expert, Food processing engineer, Quality Control and Assurance manager, Food regulatory bodies, Food Research Institutes, Self-employment, Academia, Sensory expert, etc.