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Student Internship programme

The major aim of the BSc. Food Science and Technology programme is to produce graduates who will become professionals in a dynamic food industry. It is expected that the combination of classroom teaching and the industrial internship would enhance graduates’ skills for improving manufacturing processes, packaging, distribution and providing support and expertise to quality food management.

Students therefore embark on a field internship during the 2nd semester of their 3rd year into the program. They first visit the Food Research Institute (CSIR-FRI) in Accra for 6 weeks and then spend the next 8 weeks in food industries; where they, as part of their routine learning process within the industry, identify problems to solve. Students are graded based on the reports they submit and their performance during presentation (oral examination) organized for them.

It is envisaged that graduates would acquire new food product development skills, especially in food processing on industrial scale, as well as having food safety and quality management, among others; and above all be positioned to amount scientific research in academia as well as research and development institutions.

Below is a list of companies assisting the department in the 3rd year internship:

  • Food Research Institute, Accra                      Quarma Foods Ltd
  • Olam company, Ghana                                   Blue Skies Company Ltd
  • Wilmar Africa Ltd                                          Aflatoxin Lab, KNUST
  • Cocoa Research Institute, Tafo                      Crops Research Institute, Fumesua
  • Niche Cocoa, Tema                                         Cocoa Processing Company, Tema
  • Premium Foods Limited                                 Ghana Nuts Ltd, Techiman
  • Promasidor Gh. Ltd.

Internship Coordinators

1. Mr John Barimah

Office SCB B 5                                      Email:
Phone: +233 (0) 243587086

2. Dr. Jacob K. Agbenorhevi
Office SCB TF 13                                  Email: /
Phone: +233 (0) 208954223